Why custom fit? If you want to look your best, you get a suit tailored to your measurements right?
Well, if you want to play your best golf it makes sense to have your clubs tailored to your measurements too. Every golfer is unique in terms of their physical attributes and swing type. A tall player with long arms can buy generic cialis for example require shorter golf clubs than an average height person with short arms. Tailoring a golf club to match an individual swing type ensures the club is square at impact to produce a long, straight shot.

There are 2 different methods of custom fitting available on the market: Static and Dynamic
Static fitting
involves the input of vital statistics (including: Gender, Dexterity, Height, Finger tip to Floor measurement, Swing Speed and Glove Size) into a complex formula to calculate the appropriate shaft length, shaft flex, lie angle, and grip size. This can be done in store or over the internet.
Dynamic fitting is where your natural form is analyzed under the keen eye of a skilled club fitter to determine the clubs best for you. It is fundamentally the process of trial and error until the perfect combination is found. Dynamic fitting can only be done on a range or with a ball flight monitor/simulator.

What can be customised?
Shaft length

The ability of the golfer to strike the ball consistently on the sweet spot is the determining factor when deciding on the desired club length. Club length should be determined by the needs of the individual.
Shaft Flex
Choosing the right shaft flex is one of the most important aspects of club fitting. Since the shaft flex can affect distance, ball flight, trajectory and feel, this portion of the fitting process is very important. Fitting shaft flex is not as simple as calculating clubhead speed. There exists a relationship between clubhead speed and swing tempo. Two players with identical clubhead speeds might require different shaft flexes.
Lie Angle
Lie Angle influences both the set up position and how the ground affects the angle of the clubface thought impact. The lie angle is the most important part of the iron. Setting the lie correctly is like sighting in a rifle. It must be correct for the shot to be accurate.
Grip Size
Small or Large hands and glove size are not the only determining factor for grip size. The size of the grip can influence ball direction.If a grip is too large, a right hander will have a tendency to hit a ball more to the right. This is due to the individual not being able to roll the wrists over as easily. If the grip is too small the ends of the fingers of the upper hand will dig into the palm making gripping the club very uncomfortable.

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