The putter may be the most important golf club in the bag since approximately 40 to 50% of all strokes during the round are made with it. The length, lie angle, loft, grip size and shaft orientation are the key factors. If you have a putter properly fit for your stroke and like the way it looks you are well on your way to becoming a consistent putter.
Custom fitting stems from 3 points:
1. Head Design
Personal preference is key here, you know what you like and
what works best for you.

The iPutt system offers a traditional head - the "Ziggy" - and will soon be available in left hand.
For an alternative approach try iPutt's mallet head - the "Budda".
2. Length
Putter length is not simply a function of your height, it's a combination of
arm length,torso size and your leg length.

The iPutt system is perfectly designed to account for differing lengths and
the resultant changes in lie angle.
3. Lie Angle
If you can't get the ball rolling true, you're already reducing your chances of sinking the putt. Our variety of lie angles will make setting up a natural function, and give you a more consistent strike, everytime. Consistent striking lets you drop more putts more often.

The iPutt is available in:
4 Flat - 68°               2 Flat - 70°
Standard - 72°         2 Up - 74°